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Parent Handbook

Section 13 - Bus Rules

Bus Rules

  • At pickup, the child must be accompanied by an adult and signed in.  At drop-off, the  authorized adult will meet the child at the bus and sign out the child

  • If the authorized adult is not present at drop-off, the child will be taken back to the classroom and it will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian to pick up the child

  • If someone other than an authorized adult will be present at drop-off, the parent/guardian must provide a note ahead of time stating who is authorized to receive the child; a photo ID will be required

  • Children will be picked up and dropped off at the same location

  • Children must be kept in a safe location while waiting for the bus, they should not be standing on the curb or playing in a parking lot

  • If it is necessary to cross the street at pickup and drop-off, the driver’s hand signals must be obeyed

  • At pick up, the bus will wait for one minute, if the child misses the bus it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to transport the child to class

  • Due to circumstances such as traffic, weather and other unexpected events, be ready and waiting for the bus 15 minutes prior to your pickup time and wait 15 minutes after your scheduled pickup time.  If your bus has not arrived within 15 minutes of your scheduled pickup time, please contact the office or bus phone

  •  If the child will not be riding the bus please contact the main office at 440-993-7716

  • If the child is sick they will not be permitted to ride the bus or attend class

  • Children have assigned seats and will be buckled in

  • Only enrolled children and program staff are permitted to ride the bus to school and/or field trips

  • For the safety of the children and staff toys are not permitted on the bus

  • No food or drinks are permitted on the bus

  • Please notify the bus driver a week in advance if you will be moving

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