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Parent Handbook

Section 9 - Screenings and Assessments

Screenings help our staff address the individual needs of your child. Whether they need some additional help with achieving school readiness expectations or they need to see the doctor to get eyeglasses, identifying needs early helps your child be ready to learn!


ASQ-3 (Ages and Stages Questionnaires, 3rd Edition)

This developmental screening is completed twice a year for preschoolers and more often for infants and toddlers. It covers 6 areas of growth and provides a quick screening to see where we should focus.

ASQ-SE-2 (Ages and Stages Questionnaires:  Social-Emotional, 2nd Edition)

This screening is filled out by the parent or together with staff. It looks at the social-emotional growth of a child.

Hearing and Vision

These screenings are completed within 45 days of enrollment


The PLS-5 (Preschool Language Scales) speech screening will be completed within 45 days of enrollment. 

Height and Weight

These measurements are completed twice per year.

DRDP Assessment

This assessment tool is used to measure academic growth. It looks closely at benchmarked levels a child should be meeting based on their age.  This assessment is completed quarterly for each child.

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