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Parent Handbook

Section 10 - Family Services

Behavior Specialist

A Behavioral Specialist is available to speak with families that feel they need some extra support in helping their child.  The Behavioral Specialist can discuss any behaviors and/or mental health concerns you have. They can provide ideas, techniques, and resources to help with challenging situations. If you are interested in speaking with the Behavioral Specialist, please contact your Family Advocate or Home Visitor for more information.


Families that don’t have a stable home are encouraged to apply for our program. Our staff are ready to help and support families in need until they secure housing.  If your family becomes homeless or has a hard time finding a place to stay, please contact your Family Advocate or Home Visitor.

Father Engagement

Dads, grandpas, uncles and other positive male role models are always welcome at Head Start. Having a positive male role model to look up to is important in many children’s lives. Men are encouraged to serve on Policy Council, attend parent meetings, and participate in home visits. We are firm believers that the education of our children is everyone’s responsibility.

Custody Agreements

Head Start knows how important family is in a child’s life.  When appropriate, we provide services to all parties involved, complying with the legal rights of each parent or person to be involved in the child’s education. Legal documents are required to be on file in the main office. Court orders, visitation schedules, and/or restraining orders will be supported. The program does not take sides during a custody disagreement.


Prior to transitions between our infant/toddler program and preschool program and between Head Start to the local schools, staff and families will begin a transition process that is special for each child.



Head Start incorporates Conscious Discipline into our classrooms and home visits. If you would like your Home Visitor or Family Advocate to bring more information on this program, please ask.

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