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Parent Handbook

Section 7 - Safety

Safety requirements and procedures may differ depending on your child’s classroom location.  Medical, dental and emergency safety procedures are posted in each classroom.


Site specific safety information


For the Main Avenue, Collins Boulevard and State Road locations in Ashtabula, a safety procedure review is conducted by Head Start staff at the time of a child’s/families’ orientation to the classroom.  Procedures including fire, tornado and lockdown are posted in each classroom.


For safety information in local school systems in which we have classrooms, please visit the link that corresponds to site at which your child is attending.


ALICE Training


Many of our classroom sites use ALICE, a safety training for children and schools.  For more information about safety procedures (including information about ALICE), please ask you teacher or site supervisor.


Water Safety

While present in a Head Start classroom, children will not be involved in activities that may expose them to deep water or swimming.

Home Visit Safety

The safety of your family and our staff is always important.  If staff feels that there is an unsafe situation during a home visit, they will take the necessary steps to move to safety including concluding and leaving a home visit as well as contacting the appropriate authorities.

Pests such as bed bugs or lice can sometimes be problematic for families.  Please let your teacher or home visitor know if you are experiencing any of these issues.

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