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Parent Handbook

Section 4 - Important Head Start Policies

Classroom Pick Up / Drop Off

Pick Up Permissions – Only the adults listed on the child’s enrollment paperwork may pick up a child from school.  We do understand that circumstances may arise when you will not be able to pick up your child, so in that case, you must arrange for this ahead of time if you will be sending someone else to pick up your child.  Please contact your teachers or their supervisor to make those arrangements.  New people will need to present photo ID when picking up your child in your place.

Drop Off / Pick Up Times – Please plan on dropping your child off at the class start time and pick them up at the end time.  Drop off and pick up times are staggered this year with a window of time allocated to each classroom.  It is important to arrive during your assigned window of time.  If you are unable to do so you may be required to wait for the current class to finish drop off or pick up.




Enrolling in Head Start means that you’re committed to bringing your child to class each and every day or keeping your scheduled home visit.  Children should be present in class at least 90% percent of the time.  Classes and children are rewarded for good attendance so please be sure to have your child in class each day.  Likewise, families should be present for at least 90% of their scheduled home visits.  If a home visit is missed, a make-up home visit will be offered.


Call Off

While attendance in class or keeping a scheduled home visit appointment is very important, it is understandable that sometimes that is not possible.  If your child is unable to come to class or your family is unable to keep their scheduled home visit, please call the Main office or your child's classroom at (440) 993-7716 or your child's classroom teacher to let us know.  If we do not hear from you, we will check on you to make sure everything is ok.  This may include a phone call, text or stopping by your home.




If your child is ill, they should not be sent to class or play group (for home visiting children).  If your child has a communicable disease diagnosed by a medical professional, a doctor’s note stating that your child is healthy enough to attend school will be required before your child returns to class.


Wellchild (Physical) and Dental Exams Required


In order to come to school, your child must have a current Wellchild exam.  Your pediatrician should let you know when your child is due for a Wellchild exam.  Dental exams are also required.  If additional care is needed (such as fillings or crowns) documentation of that care is required.

Outside Food is not Permitted in the Classroom

Outside food is not permitted to be brought into the classroom.  This includes food for parties, celebrations or meals for children.  All meals and snacks for the children are provided by Head Start and the USDA.


Bring Extra Clothing


In case of an accident or spill, please bring one full change of clothes to keep at the site.  If your clothing is sent home, please send in a new change of clothing for your child.


Potty Training

If your child is in the process of potty training, please send extra clothes with them to class.


Contact Information Updates


Please let us know if any of your contact information changes, such as phone number, address or email.  It is important that we have your updated information on hand in case there is an emergency in class and we need to get ahold of you.


School Closings


School closings will be posted on the Ashtabula County Head Start Facebook page.  School closings will also be displayed on the Cleveland, Ohio TV channels:  WKYC, WEWS, Fox 8 Cleveland, and WOIO.

Mandatory Reporting

Ashtabula County Head Start is a mandatory reporter by law.  Ohio Revised Code (law) requires that a report is made to the appropriate authority when abuse or neglect are suspected.

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